Sara Bint Azeddine
Volunteer’s co-ordinator

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. My name is Sara. I am a volunteer’s co-ordinator for Al Fitrah.

To me, Allah is my source of hope, and my light. I am so grateful to Allah that he blessed me with Islam. No matter what happens in life, Allah always promises us in the Quran that “for indeed, with hardship (will be) ease [94:5], and Allah never breaks his promises. He is the only one that I can truly turn to, and speak to, and has empowered me to move past moments in my life I never would have been able to move past without Him.


The main things I love about Al Fitrah is getting to know some amazing sisters, learning about the deen, and spending my time for the sake of Allah. I joined Al Fitrah back in September of 2015 and volunteered for two of the three days they needed help on Eid. I loved volunteering, and it gave me a family feeling when I volunteered. Everyone was looking out for each other, and no one was made to feel excluded, and at the end of the day, we all grouped together and went on all of the rides together. One of the main reasons I continue to volunteer for Al Fitrah is because it is all about helping the community, making all of the lectures and courses accessible to everyone, and enhancing the knowledge of people. Al Fitrah ensure that all of the courses and lectures are completely free. We also plan events around what the community wants/needs.


We’re always looking for volunteers, whether you want to help at events, leafleting, marketing, finding sponsors, planning events, or even if you just want to give us ideas, please feel free to send me, or any of the other volunteers a message or an email in shaa Allah!