Ustadh Ramiz Ibrahim

Ramiz Ibrahim was born in London, UK. He is of Turkish Cypriot origin. He embraced Islam in 1997 and since then has been involved in giving dawah and lectures on Islamic topics and self development. He is the founder of Discovering your potential an organisation training in counselling and coaching. He is a Counsellor and NLP life coach. He works in the local community as well as nationally to give as much of his time as possible to help the Muslim and non Muslim community the awareness needed in self development. He lectures in schools other non mainstream institutes. He is also the founder of the IACP, Islamic Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

He has pioneered the Islamic Counselling Course, the first of its kind to further the self development of Islamic Psychology to provide a way for Muslims to become Islamic Counsellors.

He has studied with:

Sheikh Dr Khalid Khan – Islam Channel and the Imam of Lambeth Islamic Centre in Brixton
Sheikh Abdul Hadi – Imam of An Noor Masjid in Acton
Sheikh Faisal Bodi – Islam Channel
Sheikh Haytham al Haddad
Sheikh Dr Khalid Fikry
Ustadh Abu Bushra

and in Egypt:

Sheikh Muhammad Faraj
Sheikh Waseem Muhammad

He specialises in parental and teacher training, and family matters regarding counselling and delivers courses on the following:

Islamic Counselling
Nlp Life coaching
Anger management
Time Mangement
Overcoming Procrastination
Pre & Post marriage
and all Islamic topics.