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Jamat Times

Jamat Times . com is here to help you obtain the most out of your prayers by helping you make it to the jamat on time using all technological platforms available.
Let us bring all of the Mosques in the world onto one powerful platform where the believers and worshippers

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Established back in 2007, 1Eid is the most culturally cohesive and multi-generational celebration for all members of the community to attend. We want everybody to enjoy our festival of Eid. The word Eid means ‘to feast’ and traditionally was celebrated with the whole community regardless of faith. It was

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What people say

Salim Al Amry
.. Alhamdhulillah, in some places, the brothers they are reviving the sunnah. The brothers of Al Fitrah are trying their best to revive it and insha Allah the rest of the Muslims will follow them...and insha Allah all the rewards will be in their records...."